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9 Trucks

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20,000 Sq / Ft

2 Locations


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Office staff!

Pro-Trans have selected fine individuals to assist you with any transportation needs!

Alex Jr

Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations

Elena M

Customer Service / Accounting

Meykaal A

Sales Director / Order Fullfilment Executive

Bobby K

Logistics, Warehousing and Team Training.

Alex K

CEO, President of Pro-Trans Int'l. Corp.

Norma M

Booking Department

Sergio K


Social news

Growth, Development, and Success

- Interested parties are always welcome.
- Alex Jr (Operations Manager) 1-416-923-6988 ext 9.

May 2018
New "Web-Site"

- Information about our company is the key to demonstrate our knowledge, experience and on-going effort to grow.

March 2018
Private Investor Aquisition

- Pro-Trans is on the way to become a publicly noticed company operating since 2001. Over 17 years in service.

July 2017
Fleet Expansion

- New truck in the fleet!

May 2016
Corporate Client Aquisition

- Additional retail customer deliveries!

August 2016
Second Location

- 15,000 sq / ft Warehouse facility. Ever needed space for growing business

April 2016
Delivery Platform Development

- Pro-Trans has developed its own furniture delivery platform to grow technologically.

October 2015
Fleet Upgrade

- New Isuzu is our new member of the fleet!

September 2015
Warehouse Expansion

- 35 Colville Rd. - New 4,000 sq / ft facility to operate and service our clients

May 2014
Fleet Upgrade

- Mitsubishi is a new member of our fleet family

April 2014
New Warehouse

- 117 Carnarvon St. New facility in the GTA

February 2014
Fleet Upgrade

- Isuzu truck welcome.

December 2013
Fleet Upgrade

- New Isuzu is our new member of the fleet!

October 2013
Warehouse (Development)

- Our 1st warehouse. 245 Bridgeland Ave. 500 sq / ft. Thank you
Geoving Furniture. Carlo, Alex, and Anthony made it work.

July 2013
Current Status

- 3 Trucks, Family operated furniture delivery business.